New Balance Men’s MW840 Health Walking Shoe Review

New Balance Men's MW840 Health Walking Shoe
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Walking around for a few minutes every day is healthy for your body, but you cannot do it without the right shoes. However, with the MW840 for men, you will never have to worry about your walking shoes. It has full-grain leather on the upper part and a mesh lining on the inside for perfect air circulation.

The MW840 has an outsole with Herringbone pattern, a midsole with ABZORB and an excellent arc support. This walking shoe also has a tongue and collar with a perfect padding, and it comes in black and white colors. To top it all up, it is also very lightweight given the fact that it only weighs about 12.3oz.

New Balance Men's MW840 Health Walking Shoe


Features and Design

  • Outsole: The outsole on this shoe is among the things that make it one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. It is an abrasion resistant rubber, and so it will give you extra durability and protection. Apart from this it also has a herringbone pattern that is vital in ensuring that the grip and traction will never change regardless of where you walk.
  • Material: Material is the most important thing to consider when shopping for walking shoes, but you can trust New Balance to know what is best for your feet. The MW840 has full-grain leather on the upper part, and this will ensure that you get to wear it for many years without it falling apart.
  • Breathability: This beautiful shoe has a simple mechanism to keep it fresh and cool. The breathability comes from a mesh lining that is on the upper part that will let air circulate well inside the shoe to prevent smelly feet.
  • Midsole: Just like most other New Balance shoes it has an ABZORB midsole for the cushioning that absorbs impact when walking and gives your maximum comfort. The arch support is also perfect, and it will help prevent the development of foot, knee and ankle problems.
  • Design: Although the style of these New Balance shoes looks very basic it is perfect for walkers. It combines support and stability to ensure that even people that have plantar fasciitis can wear the shoe and enjoy wearing it. The design will also help to make sure that the footwear can handle the rigors of taking long walks on hard surfaces.
  • Tongue and Collar: This shoe features a tongue and collar that is padded, and this will provide walkers some extra cushioning and comfort. Apart from this, the design of the collar will also help keep debris such as grass and small pebbles out of the shoe as they can be very annoying and uncomfortable.
  • Weight: It only weighs 12.3oz, and this is what makes this a very light pair of shoe. 12.3oz might sound bulky, but you will know just how lightweight this is when you wear these shoes because you will hardly feel any weight.
  • Colors: These shoes come in black and white, and so this gives you the opportunity to choose. However, this is still limiting because some other kinds of New Balance shoes come in more than a dozen color combinations.


  • These shoes are very lightweight, and you will not even feel like you are wearing shoes.
  • MW840 have an excellent cushioning that makes your feet feel amazing, and you will not want to take them off.
  • If the stability is your greatest concerns, this is the shoe for you as it is more stable than most other plantar fasciitis shoes.
  • The sole is surprisingly very cushy, but this is an extra advantage as it adds to the comfort of the shoes.
  • It has an excellent arch support system.
  • The wide-width means that this New Balance shoe will also be ideal for people with wide feet.
  • You will also not have to worry about the cost because just like most other New Balance shoes it is very affordable.
  • Everything from the material in the upper part to the outer sole is very durable, and so you can be confident that the shoe will serve you for long enough.


  • These shoes are not ideal for use in winter as they will offer you a terrible experience.
  • If style is your primary concern these shoes will not impress you as they do not look very stylish and they have an orthopedic appearance.
  • It has a little wider heel than what you get with other similar shoes, and this might result in minor slippage.
  • Since they are walking shoes they will not give you rebound or return energy when you are running.

Price, Reviews & Pics


Nothing is more annoying than not being able to go for your regular walk because your feet are painful. Walking is therapeutic, and it will also help keep you fit, but you cannot do it without the right shoes. It is because of this reason that New Balance invests a lot of resources in the production of the best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis. MW840 is everything that health walkers are always dreaming about and even if you do not like walking around you can still wear it for a day out.


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