New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe Review

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or you just prefer to wear comfortable walking or running shoes, you should go for the M990v3 from New Balance. This shoe has an impressive overall appearance and top notch material that is a blend of mesh, Nubuck leather, and pigskin.

It has a supportive outer sole with Blow Rubber and ABZORB midsole, and the insole is also excellent as it has ACTEVA LITE foam. M990v3 for men is also very supportive, and you can choose from several color combinations.

Features and Design

New Balance Men's M990v3 Running Shoe


Design: The design of the M990v3 takes inspiration from the classic 990 edition from New Balance. However, it is not as chunky in appearance as the 990, and it instead has a stylish and supportive appearance with an impressive heel design. It comes in more than a dozen color combination, but almost all have an element of gray.

Upper Material: The upper material of this New Balance shoe for plantar fasciitis is a mixture of pigskin, mesh, and Nubuck leather. A combination like this one gives you excellent upper durability, breathability and makes the shoe look classic.​

Sole Design: Just like most previous New Balance shoes the sole design is very supportive. It has an ABZORB midsole and a Blown Rubber Forefoot. The sole is flexible enough to ensure it bends to your foot shape and it is also quite stable to shield your foot from scrapes and bumps.​

Insole: This shoe has ACTEVA LITE foam in the midsole that will give a runner perfect cushioning and excellent shock absorption. The shoe also has an Encap foam in its heel that provides the foot with some extra cushioning.​

Stability: New Balance shoes are very stable, and this is one of the reasons people with plantar Fasciitis love this shoe. It uses a TPU with single density beneath the arch to offer remarkable stability.​

Pros & Cons


  • They have a fantastic cushioning and are very stable.
  • You can always be confident of a perfect fit as it is available in all sizes.
  • It is an excellent shoe for people with wider feet.
  • The leather and mesh materials are very durable.
  • Synthetic outer sole adds to the comfort and it is also very durable.
  • The breathability of this shoe is excellent.
  • The breathability of this shoe is excellent.
  • It is springy and flexible enough for use straight off the box.
  • You get to choose from a variety of colors.


  • Some customers complain that the shoes are too bulky.
  • They are quite an expensive pair of shoes.
  • There have been some complaints that these shoes develop a weird smell after some time.
  • A few people also complain that it disintegrates after a couple of months.


The New Balance Men's M990v3 is just an excellent shoe that any man that suffers from Plantar Fasciitis will not regret owning. It can fit a variety of foot profiles and sizes because it is available in several sizes and it will give you an unmatched comfort whether you are running or just walking around.

This shoe is very flexible and fringy enough even when it is new, and so you will not even need to get used to it to enjoy its many benefits. It also has many other advantages such as excellent breathability and incredible cushioning and stability. But there are also a few issues that the company seems not able to solve with their shoes such as the funny odor that develops after sometimes. With all factors taken into consideration, this is a highly recommended shoe that you will enjoy wearing.

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