Importance Of Water For Human Health

Water makes sixty percent of your body weight. It is a nutrient that a body needs for its organs, tissues, and cells and is used to maintain its temperature and other bodily functions. Though drinking eight glasses of water in a day does not have any scientific base. Yet, there is are a number of reasons to consume an adequate amount of water every day.

Researchers agree to the fact that loss of fluid from the body is a continuous process and it occurs from breathing, stool, skin evaporation and urine. Loss of fluid is accelerated in older adults, in warmer climates, in high altitudes, and during vigorous workouts. Such losses must be replaced every day by drinking water and eating foods that are rich in water.

So, what are some of many important reasons that should compel you to pick up that glass of water and drink it right now? Let us find that out.

Helps To Energize Muscles, Tissues, Joints And Spinal Cord

With less amount of fluid in the body, muscles do not work properly and the performance suffers. Water helps keep the tissues of the body moist. Therefore, it is important to consume enough amount of water to retain an optimum level of moisture in bones, blood, and brain as well. Moreover, water works as a lubricant for the joints and helps to guard spinal cord as well.

Importance Of Water For Human Health

​Aids In Digestion

The process of digestion starts in the mouth with saliva helping to break down food into manageable pieces. The basic ingredients of saliva are water and enzymes. The enzymes help to break down liquid and food into minerals and other nutrients. The water, on the other hand, helps to digest soluble fibers and makes easy movement in the intestine.

Helps To Remove Waste

Water is used by liver and kidneys to get rid of wastes, through intestines. Consumption of water makes them work properly and helps the body detoxify on a regular basis.

Helps In The Proper Functioning Of Kidney

With the help of body fluids, waste products are transported in and out of the cells. The major body toxin, blood urea nitrogen, is a water-soluble waste that passes through kidney so that it is excreted in urine. When the body is hydrated kidneys are able to get rid of toxins much faster. With fewer fluids, the concentration of urine changes and its color and odor takes on a sharper turn. So, whenever you feel the urine getting darker in color, it will be your body’s way of telling you to increase your water intake.

Helps To Maintain Normal Bowel Function

If hydrated, wastes maintain a smooth flow along the gastrointestinal tract and this helps prevents constipation. With a lesser amount of fluids in the body, colon pulls water from stool and this can result in constipation.

Effects Of Dehydration

Due to dehydration, it is not only kidneys that are affected. Inadequate amount of water in the body has many other negative effects too.

  •  As the human blood is constituted with 90 percent of water. The lack of water can make blood thicker causing a higher blood pressure.
  • Due to dehydration, the body restricts the airways to reduce the water loss, resulting in the worse form of asthma and allergies.
  • Human skin works as a defensive obstacle to avoid excess fluid loss. Dehydration makes the skin look dry, dull and wrinkled.
  • Dehydration can lead to digestive problems like overly acidic stomach and constipation. This increases the risk of stomach ulcers and heartburn.
  • Cartilage in joints is constituted of about 80 percent of water. Long-term of dehydration decreases the joints’ ability to absorb shocks and leads to joints’ pain.
  • Prolonged dehydration can affect the structure and functioning of the brain and can lead to difficulty with reasoning and thinking.
  • Dehydration can cause an imbalance in the body’s electrolysis. Electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, and phosphate carry signals between cells. By the help of kidneys, the level of electrolytes remains stable in the body. When kidneys are unable to function properly the mixed up signals can lead to loss of consciousness, involuntary muscle movement and seizures.

Source Of Water

Importance Of Water For Human Health

​While drinking water in the most natural sources is always preferred, it can also be attained by foods that have high water content. However, beverages that consist of alcohol, caffeine, and soda are not advisable as they carry empty calories.

To take care of our body better, we need to start incorporating meaningful changes in our life.

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