How To Give A Foot Massage In 4 Easy Steps

Tired feet are inevitable at the end of every workday. And this is regardless of whether you are on your feet all day or sitting in front of a computer. A good foot massage is one of the best ways to deal with this tiredness, and it can be the perfect gift for your partner at the end of the day. Also, the foot massage will soothe their entire body, promote better sleep and it can also improve your sex life.

Even if you do not have someone to give a foot massage at the end of the day, it is still good to know how to give a foot massage as you never know when this skill will come in handy. And it is quite simple as you only need to follow the four steps below. But first, the things that you will need.

Things You Will Need

  • Essential oil
  • Clean towel
  • Large bowl or tub
  • Pillow
  • Massage oil or lotion with an appealing scent

Step 1: Start By Soaking The Feet

How To Give A Foot Massage

When it comes to giving a foot massage, many people will jump straight to rubbing the feet, but this is not the right way to start the session. The correct way to start a foot massage is by soaking the feet in some warm water. And to do this, you should start by adding a few drops of essential oil to a foot bath or bowl of warm water and soak the feet for a few minutes. Doing this will relax the body, clean the feet and also soften the skin to make it easy to massage. After the few minutes of soaking, you can then pat the feet dry.

Step 2: Get A Comfortable Position

Getting a comfortable position is also an essential step when massaging. If you do not have a massage table, a regular bed will do just fine. But, you can even give the massage on a couch, and you will only need to find a comfortable chair to sit on as you massage. You should then take a soft pillow, place it on your laps and then have the person you are massaging place the feet on the pillow. The pillow cradles the feet and makes the massage session comfortable for you.

Step 3: Start With Top, Sole, Heel, And The Toes

how to give a foot massage

With the feet dry you should start by moistening your hands with a dab of massage oil. You should then rub the top section of the foot with your thumbs starting at the tip of the toes and moving towards the ankle slowly. Keep the foot close to your chest to ensures that you apply the right amount of pressure and move your hand up and down a few times.

The next step is to massage the arches of the foot by using the thumbs to apply some pressure just below the ball of the foot. When doing this, you should move one of your fingers clockwise and the other anticlockwise for about 30 seconds. And once you finish doing this you can then proceed to rub the heels by moving the fingers up and down the Achilles tendon, and it might be necessary to lift the foot with one hand to access the heel.

​Squeezing and pulling the toes feels fantastic. And to do this, you will need to hold the foot with one hand under the arch and pull the toes up and down starting with the big one while also rotating and squeezing them slightly. But avoid yanking the person’s toes as it can cause injuries.

​Step 4: Finish With A Deep Massage Of The Ankles And Pressure Points

A deep massage of the ankles is also a vital part of any foot massage, and so you should not forget it. For the best ankle massage, you should start by locating the hollow section below the ankle and squeeze it with your thumb and then also use your thumbs to make a circular motion around the ankle.

For the soles of the person’s feet, you should use your fist to press gently. You should then move the fist against the foot's sole in a circular motion or as you would do when kneading dough and slide the fist up and down to help release the pressure in this area.

The last thing to do when massaging someone is to apply pressure to particular parts of the foot. Use your forefinger and thumbs to do this as it will also help to release specific areas of the body. This step is similar to what you do in reflexology, and so it is necessary to understand at least the basics of reflexology.


Knowing how to give a foot massage is always a great addition to your skill set, and it can provide an easy way to make life more comfortable for that 'special' person. And if you master the simple steps above and get the best essential oils and massage lotion you don’t have to worry about any difficulties giving the best massages. Or if you are too tired to follow these steps after backing from work, try using the best foot massager and relax yourself.

Even if you do not have someone to give a foot massage at the end of the day, it is still good to know how to give a foot massage as you never know when this skill will come in handy. And it is quite simple as you only need to follow the four steps below.
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