How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain will have an enormous impact on your daily activities like walking, standing or running. And so many people will go to drastic lengths to deal with it and sometimes end up spending thousands of dollars on treatments. Plantar fasciitis is the most common heel pain, and it can cause a lot of discomfort around the heel and on the rest of the foot.

​This foot condition will in most cases affect athletes, seniors, overweight individuals and also those that have to stand for many hours at work. But before you spend money and time on surgeries and other medical treatments it is important to know that there are several useful home remedies that you can use. Apple cider vinegar is one of these useful treatments for plantar fasciitis, and if you combine it with other home treatments, you will get the relief that you desire.

​What Is Apple Cider Vinegar And What Is In It?

Apple Cider Vinegar Plantar Fasciitis

Apple cider vinegar is mostly apple juice. But adding some yeast to the fresh apple juice turns it to alcohol through fermentation. Bacteria then convert the alcohol to acetic acid to create the vinegar. The acetic acid is what gives the vinegar the sour taste and the strong smell that can be irritating to the nose when you have it too close.

​Just like the apple juice, there are several compounds in the vinegar with the main ones being vitamins B1, B2 and B6, folic acid, vitamin C, biotin and pantothenic acid. Also, the vinegar contains minerals like phosphorous, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and sodium in small amounts. These minerals are the elements that make it useful for dealing with plantar fasciitis and most other foot problems. The body can absorb some like magnesium through the skin to offer you fast relief.

​How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Plantar Fasciitis

​There are many ways of using apple cider vinegar for plantar fasciitis. It is also important to always go for an organic one because most users seem to agree that it is not only more efficient but also has fewer downsides. Here are three easy ways of using the vinegar to deal with your heel pain.

​Foot Soak

Apple Cider Vinegar Plantar Fasciitis

​A foot soak is the most common method of using vinegar to address your plantar fasciitis. It is a simple remedy that is also very relaxing, and it will be a perfect way to end a tiring day at work.

For this treatment, you will need about a cup of apple cider vinegar. You should then mix the vinegar with about six cups of warm water in a tub or a container that is large enough to fit one or both feet.

The next step is to soak your feet in the mixture for at least half an hour and do this daily or until the pain goes away. Apple cider vinegar contains minerals and nutrients like magnesium that the body can absorb through the skin when soaking the feet.

​Vinegar Drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Plantar Fasciitis

​You can also use the apple cider vinegar orally. But it is important to know that the concentration of the acid in the vinegar is quite high and so you should never take it directly.

The best way to consume the vinegar is by adding it to some warm water. Boil a cup of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar to make your drink. You can also add some honey, molasses or baking soda to soothe the bitter taste. Stir well for all the ingredients to combine well and take this mixture once or twice every day to ease the pain and reduce inflammation.

​Foot Wrap

Apple Cider Vinegar Plantar Fasciitis

​Apart from the foot soak and vinegar drink, it is also possible to make an apple cider vinegar foot wrap. This wrap is also effective when dealing with plantar fasciitis.

For a simple foot wrap, you should mix a quarter cup of the vinegar with one and a half cups of water. Heat this vinegar mix for a few minutes and soak a clean cloth in it. Wring the excess liquid from the cloth and wrap it around the heel loosely.

You should leave it there for 20-30 minutes and repeat as needed. But, make sure that you do not press out all the liquid in the cloth because it will not be effective when dry.


Plantar fasciitis is one of those foot problems that will not only make life uncomfortable but also make it hard for you to do simple things like walking and standing. Although the pain can be unbearable, there are some useful remedies like apple cider vinegar that you can use to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain.

Combining apple cider vinegar with an Epsom salt soak, stretches and wearing the right work boots or using insoles for plantar fasciitis will not only offer you relief but also help to prevent future recurrence of the issue. It is also important to shed off the extra kilos. Doing this ensures that you do not put the feet under any unnecessary pressure which is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis.

Apple cider vinegar is one of these useful treatments for plantar fasciitis, and if you combine it with other home treatments, you will get the relief that you desire.
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