About Us

Hello guys, I am Patrick Greer, the founder of the website FixYourWalk. I am a fitness trainer and physical therapist. As a physical therapist, I have provided therapy to many people, with different body pain problem. Foot pain or injury is one of the major things that I have found in my career so far.

When I noticed, people are coming with foot pain; I tried to invent the reason. As far I research, I found people are having foot pain due to choosing the wrong footwear. Therefore, one idea knocked my brain, why not making a website for providing the best walking shoes for men and women for different purposes? I research the market; find out the major problems and solutions through the footwear.

Fixyourwalk.com is the result of my thought. I build the website in order to help the people who are suffering from foot pain. In the website, you will find different types of shoes in the world, and the best purpose of using them.

How many of you know that walking shoes and walking shoes all day are not same? Moreover, you may not aware when you are buying a workout shoe pair. As a result, you might pick the best walking shoes for your running workout. What will happen? You will simply stress your foot muscle and invite pain condition, instead of being fit!

My website is also capable of providing you the tips and tricks for choosing the right footwear for the right purpose. For example, you need the best running shoes for women, what will you look for when buying the running shoe? This is a major concerning point, lot of people buy the wrong shoe because they do know to how to select the shoe!

At last, I am not here to marketing the product to gain profit. I am here to introduce with the best shoes for walking, running, flat feet, standing all day and walking all day. I, personally, reviewed the shoes that I have recommended in the website. Therefore, you can easily trust on the quality of the shoes for your foot too!

So, you can go through the page for any of the shoe that you are looking for. Watch out the best shoes ever in the world for the purpose in order to remain safe. Remember that pain is unbearable and you can’t handle to do regular activities when you are in pain.