6 Effective Home Remedies For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful and very annoying foot problem because it makes your first steps in the morning or when you sit down for long periods unbearable. Many things can contribute to this problem, but genetics and footwear are the two common ones. This foot problem is a result of an inflammation of the plantar fascia that occurs when you overstretch it.

Surgery might be unavoidable in some cases, but before you decide to go for this option, it is important to note and always remember that there are also some helpful home remedies that you can try. These plantar fasciitis remedies (home treatments) include the following six.

1. Foot Massages​

Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

If you do not do regular foot massages or do not know how to do them, you will have to learn because they are one of the most efficient plantar fasciitis remedies. Periodic and gentle massages on the feet will help reduce the inflammation and provide some relief from the pain, but you have to do it well to ensure that you do not make the problem worse.

The massage will help to improve the flow of blood around the plantar fascia and to release some of the stress on your foot which is what will give you the relief. To do it correctly you should use your fingers to press your foot on the heel and lower part with warm essential oils for plantar fasciitis. You should do the massage a few times during the day and just before you go to bed. It is also plausible to press the foot with an electric massager if you have one.

2. The Epsom Salt Soak​

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Anyone with plantar fascia and other common foot problem should always have some Epsom salt around because it can provide a lot of relief by helping to ease the pain. Epsom salt is one of the best home remedies for plantar fasciitis, and it is also very easy to use it for your foot problem. For quick relief, you should add a few tablespoons to a tub of warm water. You should then soak your feet in the mixture for at least ten minutes and do it twice or even more every day.

After the ten or fifteen minutes of soaking your feet, you should dry them and then press the problematical area for a few minutes to release some of the pressure. The crystals in the salt are very useful for soothing the plantar fascia, and there is enough scientific evidence to show that they also help the connective tissues and muscles heal faster.

3. Get The Right Footwear​

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Wearing shoes that do not have the right fit and support may lead to this foot problem and so sometimes changing the footwear might be all that you need to manage it and to help the tissues and muscles heal. And so once you realize that you have plantar fasciitis the first step should be to check the condition of your footwear and get rid of any that does not fit well or is not supportive enough.

There are special shoe types for both ladies and men who have this problem, and you can get anything from the closed to open types. But, to makes sure that what you choose is helpful with the condition you should make sure that the toe box is spacious enough and that the foot bed has sufficient cushioning. Also, the best shoes for plantar fasciitis should have enough arch support, and the outsole should be of a material like rubber that can absorb pressure as you walk.

4. ​Stretching Exercises

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Plantar fasciitis can also be a result of your calf muscles and Achilles tendon being too tight. The tightness of these muscles can also make the foot problem more painful, and so you should do some stretching exercises to loosen things. When choosing the workouts, you should go for those that will involve your lower leg muscles and feet because they will offer you the most relief.

To make sure that your first steps in the morning are not painful you should stretch your calf and leg muscles when still in bed and an easy way to do this is flexing your feet gently and holding it in that position for about thirty seconds. You should then repeat this process a few times or try other stretching exercises like rolling a frozen ball ( a golf ball) or bottle under the arches of your feet.

5. Lose Some Kilos And Maintain A Healthy Weight​

The more weight you have, the more pressure your body will apply on your feet. And this, in turn, means that your plantar fasciitis will be very painful and even get worse. Shedding the extra kilos can also be a good way of dealing with this foot problem. You should try and maintain the recommended BMI of between 19 and 25 so as to ensure that you do not over-stretch your plantar fascia.

Reducing stress levels, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are some of the most effective ways of shedding of the extra pounds. But, even as you try to cut down the weight you should also not ignore other home remedies for plantar fasciitis because they will be vital for easing the pain.

6. Wear Night Splints​

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The soft tissue tightness that occurs as you sleep is one of the reasons why your first step in the morning is always very painful. But, night splints can help to ensure that this does not happen which is what makes them one of the best treatment for plantar fasciitis. There are different types on the market, but in most instances, they will differ according to the style of wearing. But, you should always go for something that is supportive enough, can hold your leg at the right position all night, breathable and is also adjustable so that you can always get a custom fit.

Although wearing the best plantar fasciitis night splints as you go to bed might seem awkward those that wear it will tell you that it offers a lot of relief. Also, if you use it consistently, it can help heal the problematic tissues and muscles in your feet.


The plantar fasciitis remedies above will come in handy when dealing with this painful and annoying problem, but this is only so if you are consistent when using them. Also, do not just rely on one remedy because combining them will offer you the most relief. However, if the foot issue continues to get worse, it is important to consult your doctor because medical intervention might be inevitable in some instances.​

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home remedies for plantar fasciitis
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